Tanya Miller is the founder of TooFunked LLC.

"I have ALWAYS been infatuated with design. Whether it's me playing with color studies, paging through architectural and interior design books throughout the ages, drooling over really hot product packaging, or simply taking awe in organic design like Fibonacci sequences in nature.

I went to Art School in 2009 with my focus in Painting at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2011, I transferred to Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado. Graduating with A Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2014, I settled down in Coal Creek Canyon (Golden, Colorado) to start my journey. It's been a trip ever since. 


Cannabis has been in my life for over a decade in one way or another. Mary Jane evokes my creativity and motivates my ambitions. In harder times, she has aided to me and brought me outta some weird places. 

As most artists, I have had many jobs to get me to where I am. I encourage people to keep manifesting your dreams and you'll end up taking the baby steps to get there. Keep your passion lit! After weird jobs here and there, I got a job in the cannabis industry as trimmer that bloomed into being the harvest manager, that evolved into being the cure manager, that eventually landed being the Marketing Manager at the same company. 

Companies/Bands I have work for in the past for GDesign:

  • The Farm

  • Hummingbird Cannabis

  • Lost Coast

  • Beyond The Mountain Brewery

  • Asher Brewery

  • Boulder Weekly Magazine

  • O.pen Vape

  • Boom Surfbords

  • Mountain Moon Medicine

  • The Diabolics 

  • Boulder Municipal Airport

  • Sherman