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Hi, I'm Tanya and I'm the founder of TooFunked!

I went to art school in 2009, majoring in painting at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2011, I transferred to Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2013, I started to pursue my own journey with freelance graphic design. I am grateful to have a career in Marketing and work with like-minded people.

Like most artists, I have had many jobs to get me to where I am. I encourage people to keep manifesting their dreams and taking the steps to get there. Keep your passion a priority! 

If you are interested in graphic design for your business, please shoot me a message with the button below.




  • The Farm

  • Hummingbird Cannabis

  • Lost Coast

  • Beyond The Mountain Brewery

  • Asher Brewery

  • Boulder Weekly

  • O.pen Vape

  • Boom Surfbords

  • Mountain Moon Medicine

  • The Diabolics 

  • Boulder Municipal Airport

  • Sherman 

  • The Daily Camera

  • Luna's Kitchen

  • Highland's Cork & Cafe

  • Splendid Blend

  • Dylan Kishner Band

  • Tempter Music Label

  • The Rooster

  • The Daily Camera

  • Earth Bones Collective

  • The Highve

  • Keef Cola

  • SoulFunkRebel Art

  • The Trivia Mistress

  • Northern Heights

  • Skunk WeRx

  • YuccaBucca

  • Sugar Fire Seeds

  • River City Landscaping

  • Daily Escape Customs


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