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Updated: May 23

It is hard to grasp what all goes into creating magnificent genetics of cannabis. People are always longing for the next "hype" strain. Do you know what it takes to create something so infamous as say... Blue Dream?

I got to talk to a renowned cannabis breeder named Carter Casad. He was able to fill me on how it takes trial and tribulation to create the PERFECT strain. FOLLOW HIM: How do you start the process of breeding genetics? "You have to have a specific goal in mind. That could be to increase the potency of your favorite strain or to mix the terpene profiles of your favorite strains together. To create dynamic genetics, it helps by crossing the strongest male and female you can find." How do know how to select the right genetics? "It's all about the art of selection. Each seed expresses itself individually like a litter of puppies. Some look more like the mom, some look like the dad, and some look somewhere in-between. In terms of numbers, I usually grow at least 50 phenotypes of the same cross. Think of it this way...finding the best plant out of 10 is GREAT, but finding the best plant out of 100 is WAY BETTER. Phenotype = Expression Of Genetic Profile = Individual Seed" How do you choose the perfect phenotype to propagate? "This goes back to your goal. Which one meets all the criteria for your specific needs? Things that I look for are onset of the high, the aroma of the smoke in the air (smoker jealously), most potent, most pungent, and highest yielding. The number one thing to question.... IS THIS CROSS BETTER THAN THE PARENTS USED TO MAKE IT?" What strain are you most proud of creating? "I have a long list, but if I had to choose a couple, I would choose Bridgeburn OG, Space Berry, and Sour Berry Blue."


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